Project Migrain

Migrain project aims at investigating the questions and social impacts of the migration and immigration in Europe, stressing the need of including the citizens in understanding their main interests and participating in the formulation of answers to these questions. The partnership consists of 8 project partners, representing 7 EU countries. Eight events are to be organized by the different partners in different towns. Each meeting holds for 3 days . The total number of the participants in the eight meetings are expected 542, minimum 30% will be invited international participants. The applicant partner is the Municipality Cieszanów (PL) Migrain will include eight events, to be arranged in the towns of the project partners, all of them are located in EU-member countries. The events will be organized at different dates without overlapping. The venues of the activities are in the following settlements, in accordance with the partnership composition of the project: Cieszanów (PL), Diósd (HU), Argenbühl (DE), Fusignano (IT), Forli (IT), Lupeni/Farkaslaka (RO), Locroi (GR), Aheloy (BG).

In accordance with the type of activities, in most cases the programs are accomplished in the building of the Mayor’s Offices, but in some case the event occurs in special institutions or other destinations. Several programs are connected to local festivals of the partner towns, which makes the attractions of both events larger, though the organization of the different programs are separated, of course.