8 local events in 7 European Countries

Local events will take place in each country.
They will discuss on common issues that particularly concerned the daily life of citizens and the matter of migration as well
The municipalities will be responsible for the organization of local events in each country.
The first meeting has been held in Diosd - Hungary (day 2 May 2015).

Meetings will also take place in

  • Locrus - Greece
  • Aheloy - Bulgaria
  • Forli - Italy
  • Fusignano - Italy
  • Argenbuehl - Germany
  • Lupeni - Romania
  • Cieszanow - Poland

Partners will keep fluid communication, exchanging information and supporting the development of the project.
This communication will be settled during the local meetings, under internet facilities, email, the creation of specific collaborative networking web platform and video-conference.

All the partners will be shared some duties to fulfill, regarding the tasks of communicating products that need to be made.