Event 4

Co-funded by the
Europe for Citizens Programme                                                                     Project MIGRAIN
of the European Union                                                                                  City of Forli

Migration and immigration: social impacts and citizens responses as concerns the
sustainable and peaceful development of an integrated Europe
Programme Network of Twinned Towns Ref. No. 556012-CITIZ-1-PL-CITIZ-NT




Partners' Meeting - City of Forlì, Italy
25-28 September 2015

25 september 2015 (Day 1)
Arrival and accomodation at Lory Hotel - Forlì

19,00 Information session: way of project implementation and introduction of the host town and partner delegations
19,30 "Migration and Food, migration and Peace: two sides of the same coin" –
Public speech and dinner with Giorgio Dal Fiume – President of the World Fair Trade Organization – Europe.
Cosmonauta Pub, Via Giorgio Regnoli, 41 - Forlì
21,30 Free evening

26 september 2015 (Day 2)

8,00 Breakfast at Lory Hotel - Forlì
9,00 Sala Randi – Municipality of Forlì "Migration & Europe, migration & Forlì" 
Davide Drei, City Mayor
Raoul Mosconi, Town Councillorship Welfare and Cooperation
Huang Qiying, President of the Council for Foreign Citizens,
Enzo Samorì, Municipality of Forlì
Michele Di Domenico, President of the Peace Center, Forlì
"Finding Life beyond Schengen" - Marco Balboni, University of Bologna,
Campus Forlì
"Second generation in Forlì: present and future citizenship" - Alessandro
Bozzetti, Ruggero Maffione, University of Bologna, Campus Forlì
"Best practices in Forlì" Fulvia Fabbri, Coop. Dialogos
Facilitator: Patrizio Orlandi, Coop. Dialogos
13,30 Lunch
14,00 Special session for discussing the tasks concerning the production of the communications tools of the project
(with the participation of the project managers of each partner). Miklòs Marian and Anna Pajączkowska
15,30 Brief visit to the Peace Center and departure to Bertinoro (FC)
16,30 "Understanding: a first step towards dialogue", guided visit to the
Interfaith Museum in Bertinoro (FC) - Enrico Bertoni, Museum Director
18,00 Free time
19,30 "Dinner Plates: a food sharing experience" – Brief introduction by
Massimo Tesei, Forlì Città Aperta and Caritas Forlì.
Dinner with the delegations.
21,00 Free evening in Forlì

27 september 2015 (Day 3)

8,00 Breakfast at Lory Hotel - Forlì
9,30 Romagna Peace March Forlì – Bertinoro 2015: delegations will take part
with the local community to a non violent action to raise awareness on
the value of Peace and Justice.
Delegations will share information and material on their community. A
promotional desk will be made available.
13,30 Lunch in Bertinoro
15,00 Return to Forlì and free time.
19,30 General survey of the progress of the project MIGRAIN, looking ahead to
the next tasks and meetings
20,00 Farewell Dinner at Chiostro San Mercuriale, Piazza Saffi, Forlì

28 september 2015 (Day 4)

Departure of the delegations


The program of the meeting in pdf format is attached below

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