Event 6

Co-funded by the
Europe for Citizens Programme                                                            Project MIGRAIN
of the European Union                                                                          Municipality of Argenbühl


Migration and immigration: social impacts and citizens responses as concerns
the sustainable and peaceful development of an integrated Europe
Programme Network of Twinned Towns Ref. No.556012-CITIZ-1-PL-CITIZ-NT


Partners' Meeting - Municipality of Argenbühl, Germany
26 - 29 June 2016

Sunday, 26. June 2016 (Day 1)
Arrival and accommodation at Vacation Resort – Argenbühl-Eglofs

Time                                                Subject
before 18:00                                      Arrival of participants, check-in
19:00                                                Welcoming speech, introduction of partner delegations,
                                                        short commentary on the meeting agenda
19:30                                                Dinner

Monday, 27. June 2016 (Day 2)

Time                                       Subject
08:00                                       Breakfast at Vacation Resort
08:45                                       Transport by bus to the municipal building in Argenbühl-Eisenharz
09:00                                       Welcome and Status of Project Migrain (Overall Project Management)
09:15                                       The Municipality of Argenbühl: Overview and regional distinctions
09:30                                       Timelines and History of Migration in Germany
                                               A Short History of Migration to and from Germany. From the preliminary
                                              stages of the Second World War until Today
10:30                                      Break
11:00                                      Asylum procedure in Germany and the new integration law
                                              A short overview
11:30                                      Reception of refugees in the city of Wangen and the municipality of
                                              Argenbühl. An overview on the status of the implemented
                                              integration programs, their effectiveness and efficiency
12:30                                      Open discussion about the morning topics
13:00                                      Lunch in Argenbühl-Eisenharz
14:30                                      Sightseeing Tour: The villages of Argenbühl and their highlights
18:00                                      Free time
19:30                                      Open air buffet in Argenbühl-Eglofs

Tuesday, 28. June 2016 (Day 3)

Time                                       Subject
08:00                                       Breakfast at Vacation Resort
08:45                                       Transport by bus to the municipal building in Argenbühl-Eisenharz
09:00                                      “Voices of migrants/asylum seekers: First impressions, experiences,
                                               expectations on Germany”. Presentation and discussion forum
09:45                                       “Local Support Teams for refugees”: Past experiences of official and
                                                voluntary support teams, best practices, lessons learned, next steps
10:30                                        Break
11:00                                        Workshop (creative team work)
                                               “Immigration to Europe and the European Asylum System”: Requirements
                                                for a joint practice in Europe
12:30                                        Summary of the 6th Migrain Event
12:45                                        Transport by bus to a restaurant in Argenbühl-Eglofs
13:00                                        Lunch in Argenbühl-Eglofs
14:30                                        Sightseeing Tour to Lake Constance: Lindau is a major town and an
                                                island on the eastern side of Lake Constance
18:00                                        Free time
19:30                                        Farewell dinner

Wednesday, 29. June 2016 (Day 4)

Time                                        Subject
08:00                                        Breakfast at Vacation Resort
                                                Departure of the delegations


The program of the meeting (pdf format) and the presentations (pptx format) which took place in Argenbuhl are attached below.