Event 3

Co-funded be the
Europe for Citizens Programme                                                                      Project  MIGRAIN
of the European Union                                                                                    City of Aheloy

Migration and immigration: social impacts and citizen responses as concerns 
the sustainable and peaceful development of an integrated Europe’
Programme ‘Network of towns’, Ref. No. 556012-CITIZ-1-2014-1-PL-CITIZ-NT



Partner’s Meeting in the City Aheloy, Bulgaria
26 – 29 June 2015

26 June (Friday) – Day 1

- Arriving of the delegations and accommodation in the Resort “Marina Cape” - Aheloy
20.00 - Information session: Way of project implementation.
- Introduction of the host town and partner delegations.
- Common dinner

27 June (Saturday) – Day 2

8.00 - 9.00 - Breakfast at the Resort “Marina Cape” - Aheloy
9.30 - Business meeting with the delegations
9.30 - Welcoming speech from the Mayor of Aheloy City – Mr. Ivan Georgiev
- Welcoming speech from the Project Managers: Ms. Anna Pajączkowska and Mr. Marián Miklós
- Presentation about Aheloy
10.30 - Memories of a descendant of a Thracian race, one of the founders of our city – Lecturer
Stefka Dimova
11.00 - Coffee break
11.20 - Bulgaria, Aheloy – Presentation for the immigration problems in the country – Lecturer
Diana Kaltcheva – Secretary of the Local Commission for dealing with problems of juvenile
delinquency of minors
11.50 - Problems, which Bulgaria is facing with immigrants from the Middle East - Lection from Irina Bulanova, Representative of the International
Organization for Migration in Burgas, Bulgaria
12.20 - Progress in the work of producing the common communication outputs of the project:
Website, Facebook, DVD, Booklet. Local communication activities.
13.00 - Lunch
15.00 - Visit in the old town of Nessebar - a town under the umbrella of UNESCO, which is on
the list of the World Heritage, visit to the tourist resort "Sunny Beach".
17.00 - 19.00 - Free time
20.00 - Common dinner


28 June (Sunday) – Day 3

8.00 - 9.00 - Breakfast at the Resort “Marina Cape” - Aheloy
9.30 - Business meeting
9.30 - Welcomes from the Mayor of Aheloy – Mr. Ivan Georgiev
10.00 - Story by Aheloy citizen who works in Germany – Mr. Yani Georgiev
10.30 - Story by Aheloy citizen, who works in England – Mr. Daniel Mechechiev
11.00 - Coffee break
11.20 - Visit to an auto repair shop, owned by an immigrant from Belarus, who lives and works in Aheloy
13.00 - Lunch
15.00 - Visit in the City of Pomorie
- Visit in the Salt Museum, Historical Museum, Thracian tomb, Monastery "St. George"
- Visit in a vineyard
20.00 - Dinner in Pomorie


29 June (Monday) - Day 4

All delegations leave the city, saying Goodbye


The program in pdf format is attached below

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