Municipality of Cieszanow

Cieszanów is a town in Lubaczów County,Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland. It has a population of 1,916 (02.06.2009).[1]

Cieszanów is located on the boundary of southern Roztocze, in the valley of the Brusienka river. In the Middle Ages, sandy shores of the river attracted Slavic settlers, who probably in the 10th century established a gord here.

In 1921 there were 929 Jews in Cieszanów.

The history of a town named Cieszanów is rather short and dates back to the late 15th century, as it was first mentioned in documents in 1496. At that time, it was part of Lubaczów County, Bełz Voivodeship. In 1580, the city of Zamość was founded, which attracted an influx of settlers. Furthermore, a merchant road to Jarosław was established nearby, so a nobleman Stanisław Cieszanowski (Jelita coat of arms), who was owner of the village, applied for town charter. On May 14, 1590 in Warsaw, King Sigismund III of Poland granted Magdeburg rights to the new town, which was named Cieszanów, after the Cieszanowski family.

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