Municipality of Argenbuehl

Argenbühl is a municipality in the district of Ravensburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

There is no actual town or urban settlement called Argenbühl; rather, the municipality is an administrative amalgamation of several neighbouring villages with different names. The municipal administrative headquarters are located in the village of Eisenharz, with local branch offices also in the villages of Christazhofen, Eglofs, and Ratzenried.

Geographically, it lies in the Western part of the Prealpine region of the Allgäu, which in turn is part of the larger geographical region of Swabia in southern Germany. Argenbühl borders the municipalities of Kißlegg andLeutkirch im Allgäu to the north, Wangen im Allgäu to the west, Isny im Allgäu to the east, and the Bavarian municipalities of Hergatz, Heimenkirch,Röthenbach (Allgäu) and Gestratz to the south.

The name comes from the Argen river, whose two main constituent streams delimit part of the municipality's borders, and Bühl, which is a Southern German word for "hill," reflecting the municipality's hilly landscape.

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