Municipality of Aheloy

Aheloy is located in the coast of the large Bourgas bay. There are many mild winters and cool summers, making it pleasant and desirable place to live and relax. End Aheloy Aheloy river flows.
Aheloy has a marina suitable for sheltering fishing boats and sailing and motor yachts. Beach beginning from Aheloy camping site to the town. Pomorie is suitable for sunbathing. Unlike the strong salinity of the world's oceans, the Black Sea is a slightly salty, which favors bathing in the water.
The main occupation is tourism and agriculture. In the center of Aheloy is well landscaped beautiful park having deciduous and coniferous trees, community center "Light" a hall for cultural activities and a library with 9,000 volumes of literature. The town has a primary school "Hristo Botev" and kindergarten "Violet". Our city hosts many cultural events - festivals, competitions and concerts.

Aheloy was officially proclaimed a town in 2009 with a decision by the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria.